Proposed New IRS Regulations Are a Blessing
Financial Services Advisor (06/01) Vol. 144, No. 3 p.38; Donner, Eric

Eric Donner, president, CEO, and chairman of the Board of Retirement Distribution Strategies, writes for Financial Services Advisor magazine that the media's interpretation of the Internal Revenue Service's proposed regulations governing distributions from retirement accounts has been misleading. According to Donner, journalists have concentrated too much on how much simpler the new regulations are, when in fact they should have played up the compound opportunities they now afford. Numbered among these advantages are the new definition of the Required Beginning Date and the opportunity this year for asset owners to select between the old regulations or the new ones for calculating Required Minimum Distributions. The third benefit is based on the new rule that beneficiary designation does not become final until December 31 of the year following the year of the owner's death. Finally, Donner notes, the last significant oversight in the changes in the new proposed regulations is that most of the original regulations were left in place.

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