Nobody Pays Use Tax--And Therein Could Lie a Big Fight

As Elections Near, Senate Republicans Unveil a

Pushing Grandma Off a Tax Cliff

Bush Pension Proposals Not Finding Enthusiastic Audience

Tech Firms Hide Payroll Taxes on Employees' Stock Options

Annuities and Estate Planning

Rules Changes to Aid Retirees

Income Annuities Are Poised for Takeoff

Assessing 'Risk' and Social Security

For Problems in Retirement-Plan Distributions, Congress

House Passes Bill With Investment Advice Provision

Senate Republicans Gain Crucial Democratic Vote on Tax Cut

Bill Would Give Employees Tools to Prevent Future 401(k) Fumbles

Curb Sought on Abusive Tax Shelters

Is Your Retirement at Risk?

Business Digs in Against Attempts to Reform Pension Rules

Financial Planning for 401(k) Plans

SunGard: Estate Planning Software

Virtual Payroll

Bush's Plan Would Scrap Many Investor Taxes

Online 401(k) Offerings Think Small

What if They Taxed the Inside Buildup?

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC): Broke

Tax Bill Makes Roth IRAs Even Better

EEOC Drops Uniformity Policy on Retiree Health Benefits

Taxes: Higher Limits on Amounts That May Be Placed in Trusts

Balancing Risk, Reward in Your Post-Enron 401(k) Plan

Fresh Approaches to Using Unified Tax Credit in Estate Plans

Census: N.H. Has Lightest State Tax

Bush Panel Outlines 3 Plans for Social Security Overhaul

Social Security Revamp May Hurt Minorities

Alimony Deductible When 'Almost-Exes' Live Together

My Favorite Stock

Estate and Personal Financial Planning

O'Neill Urged to Push US Tax Simplification

NPC Creates Accountants Financial Planning Program


Full Dividend Tax Cut Unlikely

GOP's Victory Clears Some Roadblocks to Pension Legislation

IRS Catches Up on 401(k) Rules

DOL Opinion Validates Use of Qualified Plan Ins.

Social Security's Future on Voters' Minds

Check Out the Competition in Long-Term Care Insurance

For a Less-Taxing Retirement, Use a Roth IRA

In 401(k)'s, Whose Advice Is Best?

Social Security and the Ballot Box

O'Neill Urged to Push US Tax Simplification

Cash-Balance Plan Proposal Generates Controversy

Odds Improve in Congress for 401(k) Overhaul

Dying for a Tax Cut

Burdened Taxpayers Figure Out How to Make a Deal With IRS

Cash Balance Pensions Debated

House Committee Approves Pension Bill

For Most American Taxpayers, Life Just Got Much More Complex

The Compliance Heat Is On

Tax Havens for One and All?

States Move to Lower Minimum Annuity Interest Rates

Insurance Industry Has Wish List for GOP on Capitol Hill

A Society's Site

Client Strategies--The Limits of FLPs: Family Limited

Right Strategy Can Make Late Fund Investing Pay Off

Conflicting Advice: Opponents of Advice Bill Back Another Measure

Do Variable Annuities Fit in Your Portfolio?

Split Dollar--The Most Powerful Tool in the Box

The Fine Print: Senate Tax Bill Isn't All That It Seems

Outlook for Estate-Tax Repeal in Congress This Year Dims

President's Veto Sets Up a Battle on Marriage Tax

Digesting the New Mutual Fund Report

IRS Offers New 401(k) Loan Guidance

Legislation Would Make a Deferred Annuity a Better Deal

Republicans Plan Pension Reform Bill

Repairing the Damage to Your Nest Egg

Ask SmartMoney: You, Your New Business And Uncle Sam

Senate Panel Members Want Review of 401(k) Plan

Nation's Largest Tax-Resolution Firm Lands in Trouble With

401(k), All the Time

401(k) Reform Bill Advances in Senate

Accommodating the Disabled

Health Insurers Hope for 'Responsible' Health Care

Social Security No Soft Cushion

Key Bookkeeping Apps Move Online

Ask SmartMoney: You, Your New Business and Uncle Sam

Social Security Reform: A Better Way

Congress Has a Full Plate of Leftover Business

Should Pension Law Do More to Protect Retirement Savings?

Discord Over Efforts at Valuing Pensions

Retirement-Rule Revisions Could Save Millions in Taxes

Itching to Rebuild the Tax Law

Paying Off a Mortgage Is Easy, But Do You Really Want To?

House Raises Questions on Dividend Taxes and Deficit

Death and Taxes

Helping Those Workers Who Want to Cut Back

With 'Super Options,' Employees, Too, Could Dodge Paying

'Til Death (Or Taxes) Do Us Part

IRS Creates a Small Tax Break by Changing Life-Expectancy Tables

Tax-Cut Mirage

New Tricks for an Old Tax Preparer

O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Jobs Report Sparks Tax-Cut Proposals

Pension Reform

Federal Regulators Issue New Insurance and Annuity Sales Regs

Savings Bill Clears Senate Panel

Wall Street Crush

CPAs Expected to Deal With Stock Options

New Tax Law Helps 457 Plan Participants

House Fails to Override Clinton's Veto of Bill to

IRS Proposes Big Split-Dollar Changes

401(k) Plans Can Increase Taxes for Some

Financial Planners Abound; Trick Is Finding Good One

In a Concession, Bush Lowers Goal of Tax Cut Plan

Critics Charge Pension Bill Favors Highly Paid Workers

IRS Wins COLI Court Case

Plan Would Allow Roth-Type 401(k)s

Pension Reform Bill Advances in Senate

401(k) Providers Seek an Edge in Slicing Transition 'Blackouts'

Bankers Unified in Fight to Repeal Estate Tax

Death Tax: It's About Values

Social Security, is it Really in Trouble?

Baby Boomers Have the Last Word

Life's Face Lift

Playing the Marriage Tax

Depreciation of Like-Kind Exchange Property After Notice 2000-4

Breaks for Those in Retirement, or Gaining on It

IRS Announces COLAs for Defined Benefit Pension Plans

The Enronization of Social Security

Bush Launches Plan to Simplify, Trim Cost of Filing Tax Returns

Weighing the Risks of Social Security Reform

Fusillade in Social Security War

Pension Rules Get New Look

President Calls for Full Estate Tax Repeal

401(k) Pioneer Wants to Tune Up Plans

GAO Sees 'High Risk' at U.S. Pension Insurer

Retirement Advice Bill Gains, but Fate Unsure

Raiding Your 401(k)

Proposal May Aid Pension Sponsors

Not a Shy, Retiring Plan

Cash Balance Plans Pass Muster With Treasury

Tech Industry Fears IRS Competition in E-Filing

E-filing Takes Hassles Out of Taxes

Insurance Sales Threatened?

The Retirement Crisis

Washington People: Roundtable's Bartlett Says Bush and

New Pension Bill Expands Leeway to Invest Savings

GOP Tax-Cut Plan Will Win

The SEC Brings Investment Advisor Info to the Web

Tumbling Stock Prices Focus New Attention on Capital-Loss Tax Rules

Preserving Pensions Is Next Hot Issue

Survey: Young Workers Skeptical About Social Security

Social Security's Poor Deal

IRS Restructuring to Bring New Division to Atlanta

States Make Their DC Plans Even More Competitive

Tax Legislation Package Faces Clinton Veto Threat

Bush Plans Economic Stimulus

CPAs Becoming CFAs

Repealing Tax Estate Law Would Hurt More People Than

Tax Report

Permanent Repeal of Estate Tax Is Put Down by Vote in Senate

Taxpayers Save as IRS Adjusts Life Expectancy Tables

A Warning for Women About Social Security

Finding the Warts in Bush's Tax Plan

Bush Retirement Plan Proposals Create Confusion for Employers

IRS Cracking Down on Fraudulent Trusts

Arcane Actuarial Science Widens Divide Over Pensions

Keep on Offering Estate Tax Riders

Confusion Over Change in IRA Distribution Rules Slowly Easing

IRS to Cross-Reference K-1 Information

CPA-Client Confidentiality, the New Federal

Raising the Stakes for Tax Cuts

Fidelity Advises Advisers, With Eye on Pre-Retirees

GOP Tax-Cut Plan Will Win

KPMG Consulting, in Filing, Gives Details of Stock

Near-Dead FDIC Reform Looking Like High Priority

Greenspan Says Tax Cut Could Be Damaging

The Silicon Valley Loophole

GOP's Victory Clears Some Roadblocks to Pension

Shifting the Burden of Funding Pensions

Bush to Tout 'Retirement Security' Proposals

Broad Help Arrives for Pension Savings

U.S. Candidates Silent on Corporate Rates

Simple Estate-Planning Tool: Just Give the Money Away

Retirement Bill Sponsors Include Annuity-Promoting Provisions

Penalties Sought in Pension Violations

GAO Reports on Drug Cards

Banks and Their Competitors Shell Out in Race for Affluent

Democrats to Push Hard for New Pension Reform Laws

Bush Scrambles to Get Discount Drug Card Back on Track

Bush, After Gaining Tax Cut, Is Taking Aim at Tax Code

Tax Research Takes Hold of the Web

Spouse Relief Can Now Be Challenged

Insurers Lukewarm on LTC Bill Passed by the House

John Dow's Retirement

Complex Tax Laws, Lack of Help Have Made Small Businesses

Suddenly Wealthy Require Special Skills

Pension Contributions May Be Delayed up to 90 Days After a

FASB Set to Require Interim Disclosure of Pension Data

Overlooked Tax Change Boosts 401(k) Flexibility

Cost of Fixing Social Security Escalates

Taxable Accounts Can Win Near Retirement

Greenspan Says Tax Cut Could Be Damaging

Politicians Debate Social Security

Brackets Are Decided by Taxable Income

New Pension Math Underwhelms Public Plans

Why New Savings Plans Won't Work

IRS Simplifies Rules on Withdrawing Retirement Money

SEC Uses Phony Web Site to Snare, Educate Investors

Benefits Group Finds Fault With Bush Pension Proposal

House Passes Repeal of Estate Tax

Tax Breaks Can Ease Your Parental Aid Costs

E&Y to Strengthen Tax Department

It's Alive! The GOP's Plan to End the Estate Tax Keeps

Investors May Now Eye Costs of Stock Options

Any Reform Idea in a Storm

New IRS Proposal Eases Retirement Plan Distribution

Firms May Benefit From Forensic Accountant

Small-Bank Hub Gets Pay Services

Intuit Aiming for 10-Minute Tax Return

Bush Tries to Block Senate Push to Cut Tax Plan

U.S. Begins Issuing Consumer Data on Nursing Homes

Clinton Vetoes GOP Measure to Repeal Estate Tax

CheckFree Partners With Northfield to Add Tax Component to

Hill Reformers Take Up Pension Issues

It's a No-Win Situation for Cash Balance

Newly Rich Escalate Estate-Tax Fight

Getting Most From Tax Cut Takes Work

Improving Your Home Can Bring You Some Tax-Free Funds Eventually

Small Businesses Take New Look at Traditional Pension

Lenders Who Prey on Senior Homeowners Getting the Squeeze

Benefit Design Choices for Personal Social Security Accounts

Proposal May Aid Pension Sponsors

Senate Democrats Tap Social Security in Budget Plan

Falling Bond Rates Inflate DB Plan Liabilities

It May Be Time to Plumb Your Pension's Depths

Tax Cut Plan Mired in Economic, Political Debate

Congress Seeks to Head Off EU Dispute on Tax

IRS Clarifies Tax Treatment of Split-Dollar Life Insurance

Borrowing on a 401(k)? Better Think Twice

Wrap Up Your Assets and Leave Taxman in the Cold

Intuit, PayPal Bill Payment Services Ink Five-Year Deal to

The 2000 Campaign: the Tax Plans

Software Still Beats Out Web Sites for Preparing Returns

Retirement Account Coverage Has Fallen Behind the Times

Consider Enrolled Agents

The Final Indignity: Estate Taxes

GOP House Leaders to Propose Tax Breaks, Changes on 401(k)s

Republicans Seek Social Security Bill

Harsh Truth: Bush's Tax Plan Won't Survive Without Changes

The More Valuable and Versatile IRA

Don't Reform 401(k) Accounts Out of Existence

The Electronic Accountant

Wachovia Plans to Eliminate 1,800 Jobs and Take Charge of

House GOP Passes Repeal of Social Security Tax

Social Security Revamp May Hurt Minorities

Annuity Sales: Using a Layered Approach

Democrat Miller Backs GOP Bill to Abolish 'Marriage Tax'

Bush Faces an Uphill Struggle in Reforming Social Security

Hope Alive for Tax Measures

Peachtree Rolls Out Web-Based Payroll

Quit Double-Taxing Seniors

Your Employer May Not Be Your Best Bet for Financial Advice

Senator Calls for New Retirement Tax Incentives

Tax Cuts Pushed by GOP in House

Bush to Push Social Security Reforms

AICPA Chair Discloses Plans for Accountants of Tomorrow

Planning Can Thwart IRS Designs on IRA

72(t) Payouts and RMD Tables

Retirees Alarmed at Threat of Cuts in Drug Benefits

New Tax Rates Create Planning Opportunities

White House, Congress Agree to $1 Minimum-Wage Increase

Firms Get Go-Ahead to Offer One-Stop Investment Service

White House Hits 'Factual Errors' on Social Security

Retirement-Plan Heirs Get a Boost

Pension Reforms Needed, Panel Told

Insiders' Tax Break

Discord Over Efforts at Valuing Pensions

Proposed New IRS Regulations Are a Blessing

A New 'Saver's Credit' Makes Its Debut This Year

Who's Making I.R.A.'s Retiree-Friendly? The I.R.S.

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