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  • December 2002
    Welcome to the holiday issue of the IRA.com Retirement Newsletter. This month, our article briefings provide two perspectives on the pension crisis, a look at possible legislative reform, a commentary on money management choices, and a discussion on how employees are covering the increasing cost of health benefits. IRA.com also brings you a special holiday message, with tips for finding balance in your celebrations and in the spending that comes along with them.

  • October 2002
    Before doing business with you, mortgage companies and other lenders review the personal credit reports that one or more Consumer Reporting Agencies have compiled under your name. Protect your financial future by reviewing these reports for fraud and error - this month's Featured Question shows you how. Browse the Article Briefings to survey highlights from recent retirement and financial news, including proposed changes to social security, employee education, diminishing health benefits for retirees, the "solo" 401(k), and one source of the unexpected shortfall that many retirees are facing.

  • September 2002
    Identity theft is the fastest growing financial crime in the United States, affecting an estimated 750,000 people per year. Protect your financial well being by not becoming one of them - this month's Featured Question provides important tips on minimizing your risk. Also, our Resource Link to the Direct Marketing Association will help you reduce unwanted mail and safeguard against wider release of your personal information. The Article Briefings feature a sampling of recent financial and retirement news, including a looming long-term health care crisis, inaccurate rate-of-return projections for pensions, real estate investments, and more.

  • August 2002
    If all the back-to-school sales have made you wonder about how to save for college tuition and ESAs and 529s are as familiar to you as high school algebra, this month's Featured Question is for you. Of course, you still have to save for retirement too, so the Article Briefings highlight concerns over the ability for many to have a comfortable retirement, action the government is taking to support long-term care insurance, some ideas about balancing one's 401(k), and strategies for rebuilding lost retirement savings. Don't miss the Resource Link, which leads you to more information about saving for education, including connections to plans offered by various states.

  • July 2002
    If you or your spouse participates in an employer-sponsored or other qualified retirement plan, take a look at this month's featured question to learn how this may limit your tax-deductible IRA contributions. The July issue also highlights some retirement planning resources, including Article Briefings on women's financial planning and great retirement locations -- the Resource Link will lead you to a fast, fun quiz that suggests retirement locations based on your specific needs and interests. Other Article Briefings will update you on recent 401(k) commentaries and the steps some companies are taking to improve their employees' financial literacy.

  • June 2002
    New federal contribution limits for retirement plans continue to be a hot and sometimes confusing topic. This month's featured question provides focused answers in a series of short, simple tables. The Article Briefings highlight recent retirement news, including pension violations, social security debates, the appeal of one-person 401(k)s, and AARP's litigation against major drug companies. For June's Resource Link, we've selected the Eldercare Network, which provides a wealth of online resources for the many people who are now caregivers for the elder members of their families.

  • May 2002
    The IRS rules for IRAs and other qualified retirement plans were just finalized in April. Look to this month's Featured Question to sort through some of the required distribution changes and simplifications that will be affecting all traditional IRA owners. The Article Briefings introduce new consumer reports on nursing homes, as well as brewing legislation for savings incentives, the growing trend of senior debt, and the rewards of investing in "immediate" annuities. Also, be sure to check out the IRA.com news, to learn more about our on-line offerings!

  • April 2002
    Take a moment to read this month's Featured Question and you just may save yourself time and money; you'll find the most common filing errors, including basic reminders and advice on reporting retirement earnings and distributions. Tax Corner highlights one way to reduce your chances of being selected for an audit, and reminds you of the important IRA deadlines fast approaching. The Article Briefings offer a quick survey of many hot topics in retirement and retirement planning. Learn about pending changes in Roth IRA rules, as well as new options in long-term care insurance, and "granny-cams" in care facilities. All this and more, in the April issue of the IRA.com Retirement Newsletter.

  • March 2002br> Remember that investing (rather than spending) your tax refund just might be a wise move; consider the pros and cons of CD investments in this month's Featured Question. Also, be sure to check out the Tax Corner for advice on avoiding this year's number one filing error, and read about the benefits of E-filing (and much more) in this month's Article Briefings.

  • February 2002
    Annuities, IRAs, taxes, recommended reading, a phony investment site, and more. you'll find it all below in this month's edition of the IRA.Com Retirement Newsletter. This month we've also introduced the Tax Corner, with tips and resources for this year's tax season.

  • January 2002
    Determining the Minimum Required Distribution for your IRA can sometimes be a puzzler. The good news is that recent proposed changes from the Treasury Department have made it much easier. This month's Featured Question lays out the steps, along with an easy-to-use table that you can put to use today. Check out our news about online tax help coming soon. You'll also find a survey of recent financial planning news in our Article Briefings, as well as tax preparation tips from the IRS under this month's Resource Link.

  • December 2001
    This issue of the IRA.Com Retirement Newsletter looks at a number of hot issues that are key to successful retirement planning: social security, IRA management, long-term care insurance, HMOs, senior housing options, and more. Also, the Resource Links offer great leads on mortgage information and wise charitable giving.

    Be sure to take a look at the year-end tax planning tips under this month's Featured Question. Remember, it's too late to do your tax planning on the eve of April 15th!

  • November 2001
    Annuities offer retirement investors a number of useful options. This issue's Featured Question takes a look at three of the most common types. The Article Briefings touch on other aspects of annuities, as well as income planning, 401(k) news, and recent developments with corporate pension funds.

    Also, if you haven't received your federal income tax rebate, be sure to check out this month's Resource Link - a web site to help nearly 400,000 people claim their undeliverable IRS checks.

  • October 2001
    If you feel uncertain about your investments in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, you are not alone. This issue of the IRA.Com Retirement Newsletter highlights the topic of risk management and introduces the pros and cons of more conservative investment options. The Article Briefings offer a great sampling of investment news and advice, including potential changes in 401(k) plans, how the new tax law helps 457-plan participants, and tips on finding a financial planner. Be sure to check out our resource link to a free investment analysis web site.

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